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Table 1 Descriptive characteristics of study participants (N = 611)

From: Prevalence and risk factors associated with HIV-1 infection among people who inject drugs in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: a sign of successful intervention?

CharacteristicsNumber of participants (n)Unweighted proportion (%)Weighted proportion (%)
Median age (IQR)34 (29–38)  
Age (years)
 < 25548.88.7
 ≥ 45447.26.8
Completed educational level
 Primary school41868.467.6
 Secondary school609.88.9
Income per month (Tshs)
 < 50,00011619.020.3
 > 200,00025541.730.4
 Informal employment376.15.4
Marital status
 Never married32352.952.7