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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of the CAMS-18 sample (n = 1387)

From: Medical cannabis use in the Australian community following introduction of legal access: the 2018–2019 Online Cross-Sectional Cannabis as Medicine Survey (CAMS-18)

Age, mean (SD)43.4 (13.9)
Female560 (40.4%)
Male799 (57.6%)
Other28 (2.0%)
Relationship status
Partnered (currently in relationship, including defacto and married)861 (62.1%)
Single (not currently in a relationship, including separated, divorced, widowed)526 (37.9%)
Indigenous status
Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander56 (4.0%)
Not Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander1331 (96.0%)
Highest education level attained
Primary school14 (1.0%)
Secondary school278 (20.0%)
Trade or vocational college461 (33.2%)
University degree631 (45.5%)
Other3 (0.2%)
Employment status
Full-time work633 (45.6%)
Part-time work188 (13.6%)
Home duties78 (5.6%)
Student77 (5.6%)
Unemployed63 (4.5%)
Retired128 (9.2%)
  1. Missing values excluded from denominator when calculating percentages