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Table 6 Life conditions in France, N=150

From: Migration experiences, life conditions, and drug use practices of Russian-speaking drug users who live in Paris: a mixed-method analysis from the ANRS-Coquelicot study

 French language proficiency
  No 37.6  
  Rudimentary 41.4  
  Autonomous 20.9  
 Access to French language assistance
  No 33.4 42.2
  Yes, sometimes 13.6 17.2
  Yes, always 31.0 39.2
  No answer 1.1 1.4
  N/A (French proficiency) 20.9
Financial resources
 Employment (odd jobs) 35.0 36.2
 Pensions, allowance, donations from associations 22.3 23.0
 Financial assistance from friends/family 46.1 47.6
 Begging 5.6 5.8
 Theft and drug dealing 17.2 17.7
 Unemployment, street donations, prostitution 0.0 0.0
 Other (sold apartment in home country) 0.1 0.1
 No resources 9.8
Type of housing
 Housing type (at time of investigation)   
  Stable (with a partner or homeowner…) 10.0  
  Precarious (social housing, friends/family, hotel room paid by own expenses…) 61.4  
  Highly precarious (squat, public space, vehicle…) 28.6  
 Housing (for the coming night)   
  At the home of third party (partner, family, friend, countryman) 14.7  
  Personal housing (owned or rented housing, independent hotel) 16.2  
  Drug user housing (post cure, therapeutic housing, public housing center) 1.4  
  General housing (associations, collective housing, association hotel) 39.1  
  Space not designed for housing (squat, public space, vehicle) 28.6