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Table 2 Organisations included in search for grey literature

From: What constitutes effective problematic substance use treatment from the perspective of people who are homeless? A systematic review and meta-ethnography

Alcohol Focus Scotland
The Salvation Army
National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, Australia
NHS Health Scotland
Alcohol Change UK
National Institute on Drug Abuse, USA
Alcohol and Drug Partnerships /Alcohol/treatment/ADPcontactlist
Society for the Study of Addiction
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, USA
Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services
Public Health England public-health-england
Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, Canada
Scottish Drugs Forum
Pathway/Faculty of Homeless and Inclusion Health
Centre for Social Research in Health, Australia
Scottish Government
Homeless Hub, Canada
Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems
European Observatory on Homelessness
NHS Healthcare Improvement Scotland
University of Stirling Online Addictions Library
Royal College of Psychiatrists
 Royal College of Physicians
 British Psychological Society
 St Mungo’s
 Homeless Link