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Table 1 Data sources* used during the desk research to compile the 30 National Profiles

From: The state of harm reduction in prisons in 30 European countries with a focus on people who inject drugs and infectious diseases

Source Availability
1. EMCDDA Prison Workbooks** 2017 (2016 data) Restricted
2. EMCDDA Special Issues on Prison in 2011 Restricted
3. EMCDDA Statistical Bulletin 2017 (2016 data) Public
4. EMCDDA Standard tables and questionnaires** ST10; ST24; SQ27 P1 (data on 2016 or before retrieved in 2017/2018) Restricted
5. ECDC Dublin Declaration Questionnaire 2018 (2017 data) (data of preselected variables were provided by the ECDC) Restricted
6. Council of Europe Space Project 2018 (2016 data) Public
  1. *Only harm reduction intervention-related sources are listed as drug use and HIV/HCV prevalence is not covered in this paper
  2. **EMCDDA drug-related thematic Workbooks and standard tables/questionnaires are annual, standardised reporting tools based on common European methodological guidelines, reporting framework and definitions used in the EU-30 to ensure data harmonisation, aggregation and comparability at EU level. Reporting quality of each country is annually evaluated by the EMCDDA. In the Prison Workbook qualitative information is provided on the prison and drugs situation at national level and quantitative data on prevalence of drug use among people in prison and selected drug-related interventions inside prisons