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Table. 2 Other responses to the reported witnessed overdose event among those who called EMS (n = 284)

From: A drug-related Good Samaritan Law and calling emergency medical services for drug overdoses in a Canadian setting

Response n = 284 (%)
I called EMS and the ambulance came 213 (75.0%)
I called EMS and I helped (e.g., provided first aid) 111 (39.1%)
I called EMS and administered naloxone 102 (35.9%)
I called EMS and someone else helped 28 (9.9%)
I called EMS only 17 (6.0%)
I called EMS and I was at an OPS/SCS 13 (4.6%)
I called EMS and the person came on their own 9 (3.2%)
I called EMS and then I left 1 (0.4%)
  1. Participants could provide more than one response
  2. EMS Emergency medical services, OPS Overdose prevention site, SCS Supervised consumption site