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Editorial Board

Prof Nick Crofts, The Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, Australia

Deputy Editors
Ms Colleen Daniels, Harm Reduction International, UK
Dr Catriona Matheson, University of Aberdeen, UK
Dr Karla Wagner, University of Nevada, Reno, USA
Dr Tomas Zabransky, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

Regional Deputy Editor (Pacific)
Dr Janie Sheridan, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Section Editors
Alcohol harm reduction
Dr Bernie Pauly, University of Victoria, Canada
Gambling harm reduction
 [section editor position vacant]
Human enhancement drugs
Prof James McVeigh, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

New psychoactive substances and the internet
Dr Angus Bancroft, University of EdinburghAleksey Lakhov,  Humanitarian Action Saint Peterburg, Russia
Reducing the harm of incarceration
Prof Kate Dolan, University of New South Wales, Australia
Sex work harm reduction
 [section editor position vacant]
Tobacco harm reduction
Dr Marewa Glover, Centre of Research Excellence: Indigenous Sovereignty & Smoking, New Zealand

Associate Editors
Annie Madden, University of New South Wales, Australia

Editorial Board
Dr Tasnim Azim, International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh
Dr Monica Ciupagea, HIV/AIDS Section, UNODC, Hungary
Mr Jon Derricott, Exchange Supplies Ltd, UK
Dr Richard Elovich, Columbia University, USA
Dr Samuel Friedman, NDRI, USA
Prof Paul Goldstein, UIC, Public Health, USA
Dr Catherine Hankins, McGill University, Canada
Asst Prof Kanna Hayashi, University of British Columbia, Canada
Dr Robert Heimer, Yale University School of Public Health, USA
Prof Bengt Kayser, Faculty of medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Dr Kaveh Khoshnood, Yale School of Medicine, USA
Dr Alisher Latypov, EHRN, Lithuania
Dr Nick Lintzeris, University of Sydney, Australia
Prof Lisa Maher, University of New South Wales, Australia
Dr Ethan Nadelmann, The Drug Policy Alliance, USA
Dr Sherry Nykiel, Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, USA
Prof Patrick O'Hare, Founding Director IHRA, France
Dr Joseph  Palamar, NYU Langone Medical Center, USA
Dr Jake Rance, University of New South Wales, USA
Dr Khary Rigg, University of South Florida, USA
Dr Perrine Roux, French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm), France
Dr Mukta Sharma, World Health Organisation, India
Dr Susan Sherman, Johns Hopkins, USA
Dr. Carol Strike, University of Toronto, Canada
Dr Andrew Tatarsky, Harm Reduction Psychotherapy and Training Associates, USA
Dr Mohsen Vazirian, Iranian National Center for Addiction Studies (INCAS), Iran

Past Editors-in-Chief
Prof Ernest Drucker, Founding Editor
Dr Euan Lawson

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