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  1. New Zealand has been offering needle exchange services since 1987. Over 170 community pharmacies are involved in the provision of this service. However, no recent detailed review of New Zealand's pharmacy-base...

    Authors: Janie Sheridan, Charles Henderson, Nicola Greenhill and Andrew Smith
    Citation: Harm Reduction Journal 2005 2:10
  2. This paper examines the differences in demographics, drug use patterns and self reported risk behaviours between regular injecting drug users (IDU) who report engaging in sex work for money or drugs and regula...

    Authors: Amanda Roxburgh, Louisa Degenhardt and Courtney Breen
    Citation: Harm Reduction Journal 2005 2:7
  3. Beginning two years ago, the US Dept of Health and Human Services began "special reviews" of all current research grants that involved harm reduction, sex and drugs, and continues its ban on funding of needle ...

    Authors: Ernest Drucker
    Citation: Harm Reduction Journal 2005 2:3
  4. This article reports the first national assessment of patterns of drinking and gambling-related rulemaking on college campuses (e.g., punitive versus recovery oriented). Analyses relating school policies to kn...

    Authors: Howard J Shaffer, Anthony N Donato, Richard A LaBrie, Rachel C Kidman and Debi A LaPlante
    Citation: Harm Reduction Journal 2005 2:1
  5. The People Awakening Project (1RO1 AA 11446-03) had two purposes, completed in Phase I and Phase II of the project. The purpose of Phase I was to complete a qualitative study; the research objective was discov...

    Authors: Gerald V Mohatt, S Michelle Rasmus, Lisa Thomas, James Allen, Kelly Hazel and Chase Hensel
    Citation: Harm Reduction Journal 2004 1:10
  6. Many Canadian cities are experiencing ongoing infectious disease and overdose epidemics among injection drug users (IDUs). In particular, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and hepatitis C Virus (HCV) have bec...

    Authors: Evan Wood, Thomas Kerr, Elisa Lloyd-Smith, Chris Buchner, David C Marsh, Julio SG Montaner and Mark W Tyndall
    Citation: Harm Reduction Journal 2004 1:9