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  1. This article reports the first national assessment of patterns of drinking and gambling-related rulemaking on college campuses (e.g., punitive versus recovery oriented). Analyses relating school policies to kn...

    Authors: Howard J Shaffer, Anthony N Donato, Richard A LaBrie, Rachel C Kidman and Debi A LaPlante
    Citation: Harm Reduction Journal 2005 2:1
  2. The People Awakening Project (1RO1 AA 11446-03) had two purposes, completed in Phase I and Phase II of the project. The purpose of Phase I was to complete a qualitative study; the research objective was discov...

    Authors: Gerald V Mohatt, S Michelle Rasmus, Lisa Thomas, James Allen, Kelly Hazel and Chase Hensel
    Citation: Harm Reduction Journal 2004 1:10
  3. Many Canadian cities are experiencing ongoing infectious disease and overdose epidemics among injection drug users (IDUs). In particular, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and hepatitis C Virus (HCV) have bec...

    Authors: Evan Wood, Thomas Kerr, Elisa Lloyd-Smith, Chris Buchner, David C Marsh, Julio SG Montaner and Mark W Tyndall
    Citation: Harm Reduction Journal 2004 1:9